Privacy Policy

Effective: 8/3/2023 | Last Updated: 8/3/2023

We Respect Your Privacy

Any data we collect is encrypted and has multiple security measures attached. If you no longer want to use the Chrome Extension and feel uncomfortable with your data being stored with us, you can request a data removal. We respect your privacy and would never sell your data or infringe on your privacy rights.

What Data We Collect

We collect no data from Return The Bird. The Chrome Extension itself only has permissions for specifically to change site data.

External Websites

When using Username, you may be directed to an external website like Discord ( / We do not run these sites and do not control the data they collect about you. You can view the Discord Privacy Policy for more info here:

Opt-out and Data Removal

If you want to opt out, you do so the moment you uninstall the Chrome Extension. There is no data removal process as we DO NOT store any data as stated in #2.

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